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Nahm Pla Thai Cuisine

Nahm Pla, a Thai word meaning ‘fish sauce’, is one of the most important element in Thai cooking making Thai food so tasty and unique from any other cuisines in the world. Nahm Pla is traditionally made from fermented anchovies. Pure it tastes salty, fishy and umami flavour. Nahm Pla will gives all the dishes a pleasantly in combination with other Thai spices.

We chose Nahm Pla to represent who we are in bringing together great variety of fresh ingredients and spices to you through our carefully selected dishes. We are proud to be part of Haberfield community and we look forward in bringing flavourful dishes with a little bit of Thainess to you. 

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Nahm Pla in Thai means Fish Sauce, the essential ingredient in Thai Food
Nahm Pla Restaurant in Haberfield

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We are family friendly and local Thai Foods

Located in Haberfield, Sydney Inner West

Fresh Thai Herb & Ingredients

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Thai food contains a wide variety of ingredients that are naturally valuable. Mainly in various spices often has many medicinal properties and real nutrition.

Homey & Tasty Thai Dishes

Most popular Thai dishes are here.

Thai cuisine contains a spectrum of flavors and textures so vast that only two or three dishes never enough.

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There are plenty of some free and cheap fee parking on Dalhousie St and Ramsay St.

Thai Food in Haberfield

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