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Fish sauce or Nahm Pla is one of the most important root ingredients in Thai cuisine and is traditionally made from fermented anchovies. Pure it tastes salty, fishy and umami flavour. Fish sauce will gives all the dishes a pleasantly in combination with other Thai spices. "Prik Nahm Pla" is almost indispensable on the Thai food side dishes, mixed with fresh chilli chopped and lemon juice in it. It will make you enjoyable with your Thai foods.

Australia's love affair with Thai food for a long time. Not excepting the district of Haberfield community. We have made ordering system easier and accessible to all households. The food production is meticulous. Whether it is the selection of ingredients and the freshness of ingredients.

With the perfect combination of sour, sweet, and salty ingredients, making Thai food more difficult than other national dishes. Because it contains a wide variety of natural vegetables and provide real health benefits. We consider the customer in every matter whether it's allergies people, gluten-free people, or even vegan people, we try to avoid MSG because we see that good Thai food should be delicious without additional MSG.

We put efforts into our restaurant more sustainable in order to conserve nature.

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 fermented anchovies are the key ingredient when making Fish Sauce or Nahm Pla

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